C5 Crypto Consulting

Take Your Crypto Project to the Next Level

We help young projects enter the crypto world safely and get maximum benefits from first day

Partners choose us because we work as transparently as possible and with an individual approach to each client.

Our portfolio is constantly replenished with new successful projects. Every day we consider up to ten proposals for cooperation and only a few of them we take into our platform. We care about the quality of our work, not the quantity.

Why Choose Us

10X Your Project Capital With Our Personalized Model

Our experience in launching our own and partner projects allows us to determine the best model for the success of your project. We bring working capital to the project for further successful growth and scaling

Our Services

Grows Strategy

We audit the current state of the project and draw up a step-by-step development checklist

Ads Management

Using our verified contacts, we launch advertising campaigns at a price lower than doing it yourself

Listing Services

Our side will provide the best solution for listing your project only through verified contacts, saving your money and time

New Partnerships

Working with us, your project from the very beginning of its history will acquire reliable and high-quality partners who will enhance the value of your project

Retaining our services is easy. There are three payment mechanics for this.

Choose a method of payment for our services that is convenient for you and send a request for service today. During the preliminary discussion, the payment method can be changed

Our clients aren’t just numbers, they’re real people


Followers across all of our clients’ social networks


Participants on bounty and airdrop programs


Raised funds for our clients in ICO/IDO stages

Our Partners

$C5 Token Utilities


$C5 staker will get early access to all sales from our partners before official ICO/IDO campaigns


Use $C5 as payment for our services. Just buy $C5 in amount from our contract and put on stake


All our clients integrating $C5 in their product. So our holders getting all services with $C5