$C5 Token Utilities

  • Clients need to purchase the $C5 token from the NinjaSwap Platform (https://ninjaswap.app) and stake the token through the duration that C5 will be performing the work for them. 
  • There will also be a separate negotiated rate that will be paid by the client directly to C5 consulting and other acceptable forms of Crypto currency such as BTC, BNB and ETH for example. 
  • All of these fees are negotiated with the project prior to starting work and are kept at a bare minimum to ensure the project’s success. 
  • In such a case where C5 creates a token for the client, some of this token may be retained for services rendered. 
  • All fees pertaining to listing, marketing and development will be discussed and negotiated prior to commencement of any contract with the client.

Extra Features


Token reward fee


Marketing fee

Minimum token balance for dividends


20% for public sale with 0.01$ price
20mln CFIVE * 0.01 = 200,000 USD target for raising on public sale

Vesting for public sale tokens:
25% each month per month

51% of raised funds will be using for creating pair CFIVE/USD on liquidity pool with price 0.01$

100k$ + 5mln CFIVE = liquidity pool

Liquidity Fund

40% tokens reserved fo liquidity = 40mln 

5 mln tokens will be unlocked for creating listing pair

6 month for 4 mln per month = 24mln

8 month for 2 mln per month = 16mln

Total 40mln

Team and Advisors

20% tokens locked for team.

Vesting 12 month linear from 3rd month after public sale

Marketing Fund

20% tokens reserved for marketing, staking and farming activities

$C5 Token Utilities

$C5 Token was created as a “Baby token” whereas the users of the token are rewarded from the transaction fees in DOGE coin from cooperating liquidity pools. This is a relatively new and revolutionary idea. Our community transacting and our token will be constantly rewarded in a currently marketed liquid token which will heavily incentivise our customer base to engage in our ecosystem.


Investments in C5 Crypto Consalting


Stakers can become seeds of new projects


Payment for C5 Crypto services


Rewards in DOGE coin


Trading pairs for all new projects

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